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Weekly Email - 2 Weeks Out

Only 2 weeks left until Tealium’s Game of Codes!

If this is your first contact (likely because you signed up within the last week), then be sure to check out the first message here:

**Now is the time to start preparing and organizing your team.**

Building a team that is cooperative, supportive, and balanced is key to enjoying a successful hackathon experience (and maybe even winning some prizes too!). Here are some guidelines on how to go about the process:

What skills do you need?
We recommend teams have competencies in the following areas:

- Planner: Someone who is going to keep the tasks organized and moving
- Developer: Javascript, HTML
- Designer: Layout / UX / CSS. Someone who can make it a bit prettier
- Tester: Everyone can pitch-in on this one
- Presenter: Business and Communications. Someone LESS nervous about talking to 40 people

Some people might be able to fill multiple roles, so you don't necessarily need 5 people. But you can also have more than one of each, and divide some of the load.

Be sure to fill out your individual profiles on Dev Post:

You can also see other possible team mates, align with their skills, and send them a message on a social network they linked to their profile (an important reminder to link at least one, perhaps Linked-In).

**An update on the format**
We'll have an introduction to Tealium, using the tools, and available API's. Please come with Laptops, your IDE already configured to be productive, and tools like Postman, SQL Workbench, and of course your command line tools. If you will need hosting, be sure to signup with the free tier of AWS or Heroku (and read their Getting Started Guides, we won't be covering this). We'll have additional sessions in the afternoon, or you can get straight to hacking after lunch.

**We have T-Shirts **
Please submit your T-shirt size by EOD on Tuesday, August 6th.


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