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Weekly Email - WEEK OF

With just a few days to go, it's time to get those teams formed. You can pair up with your classmates, or use the DevPost Participants ( page to find new people. Reminder, be sure to put some sort of contact, like your Linked-in profile, so people can reach out to you. You can also use the Discussion tab, or the Slack channel:

In our previous email, we shared skills to look out for in your teammates and here those are again for reference:
- Planner: Someone who is going to keep the tasks organized and moving
- Developer: Javascript, HTML
- Designer: Layout / UX / CSS. Someone who can make it a bit prettier
- Tester: Everyone can pitch-in on this one
- Presenter: Business and Communications. Someone LESS nervous about talking to 40 people

If you missed the prior emails, check them out here:
- 3 Weeks to go:
- 2 Weeks to go:

We will be running an introductory session the first half of the day on Saturday. We'll cover the basics of Tealium, how to use the API's and query the visitor database. To help make that transition easier for you, we've enabled our online training program. You can register here: . Hit Sign-up in the upper-right corner, and then use the registration code: hackathon. We encourage you to at least watch the video. Accounts for the platform will be provisioned on-site as you sign-in.

The rest of Saturday, and all of Sunday (until 3pm) will be hacking time.
We'll cover the logistics of the days during our 9am kickoff on Saturday, so be sure to set your alarms appropriately.

What You Need to Bring

- Laptop
- Power Adapter
- Reusable Water Bottle (we will also supply some bottled drinks)
- Breakfast (if you don’t plan on eating beforehand, but maybe unwrap it before we start)
- Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
- This will be required for ALL participants

If you are taking the Mobile session, you will need:
- Xcode 10.1 or later
- Android Studio
- Emulators for both platforms
- Install Flutter and Flutter plugin for Android Studio (we will demo this one) or VS Code

If you are taking the Lambda session, you will need:
- Amazon Web Services account, with full access
- Minimum of API Gateway, Lambda, S3, and Create Roles

We'll provide:
- Lunch each day
- Notebooks and Pens
- Awesome T-Shirt
- Snacks
- Drinks
- Happy Hour on Saturday (bring your Driver's License if you want beer... and remember not to drink and drive... sober first).
- Wifi

This is a great opportunity to meet other techies in San Diego, flex your skills, learn about an award winning Customer Data Platform, and create something awesome - so don’t be shy about reaching out to other participants and building the best team possible.

Please also confirm if you are unable to make it. We have many people on the waitlist and would like to confirm with them ASAP.

See you soon,
Tealium Hackathon Team


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